Wedding Ceremonies
The Importance of Ceremonies in Our Lives

Why do we acknowledge and honor important milestones in our lives? We celebrate special occasions because they help us to tie the bond between our family and friends, history and traditions. By publicly declaring the significance of an event or life transition, we honor our past and embrace a new beginning. By inviting family and friends to mark the occasion with us, we allow them to offer their love and support and we strengthen our bonds with them.

From a simple but meaningful ceremony, to one designed to incorporate rituals that reflect your personal values and beliefs, I am dedicated to creating the right ceremony for you. A firm believer that each person is a unique individual with a unique story to tell, I create and deliver custom ceremonies. Therefore, no two are the same, and each one is entirely crafted from scratch to reflect my client’s values and beliefs.

Through personal meetings and questionnaires, I deliver ceremonies that acknowledge and pay tribute to new beginnings and continued bonds.  At the very core, my ceremonies are living tributes, incorporating your own visions and spirituality through readings, poetry, and symbols.

It would be my privilege to serve as your personal voice during this special time.