Your Gateway into Marriage

While flowers, attire, and menu are important factors, it is the ceremony that stands as the centerpiece, providing beautiful and lasting memories of your special relationship.

Wedding ceremonies celebrate and share love and new beginnings, and are much more than merely saying “I do” or selecting vows. A well crafted wedding ceremony helps you cross one of the most significant thresholds of your life as you make the transition from a single person to a married couple. Think of your wedding ceremony as the gateway into your marriage. Through it, you will embark on a time-honored journey together.

Choosing a Personalized Wedding Ceremony

I believe that a meaningful wedding ceremony is created when a couple thoughtfully chooses elements of ritual and celebration which truly and honestly reflect their values and personalities
Based on my educational and life experiences, I work closely with couples to design a custom wedding ceremony which beautifully expresses the uniqueness of the relationship and the bond that is being created. I encourage my clients to bring their thoughts and voices to this collaborative planning process where they can choose readings, blessings, rituals, and other symbols to fulfill the ideals and vision they have for their wedding.