Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

If you don’t want to go the traditional vow route, but would rather add your own very personal touch to your ceremony, why not take a stab at writing your very own vows that comes straight from the heart. Sounds like a daunting challenge? Not really. You can start by browsing through some of the more traditional vows. For my couples that don’t know where to start, I’ll email them many different variations of vows. This way they can get ideas and put them into their own words. A also recommend that they browse through poetry, books, spiritual readings – it’s quite all right to borrow and/or write the ideas in your own words.

The nature of the vows are serious and are, indeed, one of the most important parts of the ceremony – it’s the promises you are making to your partner the will define your married life. But, it’s also ok to throw in a little humor, if what’s being said has meaning to you both. Discuss with each other if you are both writing the same vows together or whether each is writing them on their own.

And finally, make sure there’s enough lead time before your wedding. I suggest starting no later than a month in advance. This way, if all else fails, you can always go the more traditional route.

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